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Platinum - Some technical basics

Name: Platinum
Symbol: Pt
Atomic number: 78
Atomic weight: 195.078 (2)
Measuring perfection: 1,000 parts = 100% platinum.

CAS Registry ID: 7440-06-4
Group number: 10
Group name: Precious metal or platinum group metal
Period number: 6
Block: d-block

Weight: 21.45 grams per cubic centimeter.
Melting Point: 1,768ºC (3,223ºF).
Properties: Catalyst, hypoallergenic, resistant to heat and acids.

Mining: 10 tonnes of ore are mined to obtain one ounce (31.1 grams) of pure metal.

Refining: It takes eight weeks to make an ingot from the ore.

Production: Each year approximately 90 tonnes of platinum are made into jewellery.

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